Welcome to the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Our mission: Determine the potential of Alaskan land for production of metals, minerals, fuels, and geothermal resources, the locations and supplies of groundwater and construction material, and the potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other installations and structures (AS 41.08.020).


  • New release! Bathymetry of Valdez Glacier lake - RDF 2015-1
  • New release! Seismic and non-seismic influences on coastal change in Alaska--Fieldtrip guide and conference abstracts, 5th International Conference of IGCP 588 - GB 12
  • New release! Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Annual Report 2014 - AR 2014
  • New release! Tonsina electromagnetic and magnetic airborne geophysical survey data compilation - GPR 2015-1. Learn more (DNR Media release)...
  • New release! Particle size analysis of core chips from the N. Cook Inlet Unit #A-02 well - GMC 428
  • New release! Quantitative Fluorescence Technology - Dual Wavelength (QFT2) analysis of cuttings from the Sterling Unit #23-15 well - GMC 429
  • New release! Digital elevation models of Skagway and Haines, Alaska: Procedures, data sources, and quality assessment - MP 155
  • New release! Iron Creek airborne electromagnetic and magnetic geophysical survey data compilation - GPR 2014-6. Learn more (DNR Media release)...