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Service Description: This map shows generalized regions of oil and gas resource potential as well as simplified outlines of oil and gas accumulations. The oil accumulations are in green and the gas accumulations are in red. The Barrow Arch oil-prone region (dark green cross-hatch) encompasses nearly all of the current oil and gas production of the North Slope. Shale resource plays have not yet been demonstrated productive, but appear to have greatest potential in the northwest-southeast trending area (lighter green cross-hatch) from northeastern NPRA across the state lands south of the existing producing fields. The foothills gas-prone region (red cross-hatch) encompasses a number of modest-sized gas discoveries as well as large underexplored areas of gas potential. Additional areas across the entire region are prospective for both oil and gas in varying degrees, and include known gas at Utqiagvik and the Burger prospect offshore in the Chukchi Sea.

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