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Sample Number CMAR3674

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Reference Number FA17162754
Reference Date 2017-08-04
Citation GMC 439
Laboratory ALS Geochemistry
Description WEI-21 Received Sample Weight, LOG-22 Sample login- Red w/o BarCode, CRU-31 Fine crushing - 70% <2mm, SPL-21 Split sample - riffle splitter , CRU-QC Crushing QC Test, PUL-32 Pulverize 1000g to 85% < 7S um ME- MS42 Up to 34 elements by ICP-MS ICP-MS, OA-GRAOS Loss on Ignition at 1000C WST-SEQ, TOT-ICP06 Total Calculation for ICP06 ICP-AES, ME-4ACD81 Base Metals by 4-acid dig. ICP-AES, ME-OG62 Ore Grade Elements - Four Acid ICP-AES, NI-OG62 Ore Grade Ni - Four Acid ICP-AES, PGM-MS23 Pt, Pd, Au 30g FA ICP-MS ICP- MS, ME- ICP06 Whole Rock Package - ICP-AES ICP-AES, C-IR07 Total Carbon (Leco) LECO, S-IR08 Total Sulphur (Leco) LECO, ME- MS81 Lithium Borate Fusion ICP-MS ICP-MS
Sample Type drill core