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Sample Number 16LF002B

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Reference Number FA16141443
Reference Date 2016-10-04
Citation RDF 2017-12
Laboratory ALS Geochemistry
Description Rock samples were processed by ALS Geochemistry using their PREP-31 package. The samples were crushed to greater than 70 percent passing 2 mm, and a 250-gram (g) split was pulverized to greater than 85 percent passing 75 microns. Prior to crushing, samples for whole-rock analysis were trimmed by DGGS staff to remove weathering, and cut surfaces were sanded to remove any saw metal. Major- and trace-element values for rock samples were determined by ALS Geochemistry method ME-MS61: Four-acid digestion followed by inductively couple plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) and inductively-coupled plasma-mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS); Au values were determined using flux digestion and fire assay and ICP-AES (ALS Geochemistry method Au-ICP21).
Sample Type rock