Geologic Materials Center - Inventory

On-line Inventory

Our on-line inventory dataset (right) includes oil and gas well locations, mineral prospect locations, sample types, box-level details, and geologic formation-top picks for over 90% of the archived samples available at the Alaska GMC. The interactive inventory allows users to quickly and easily view details of the sample repository before visiting the facility.

What do we have?

Map of GMC sample locations

The Alaska GMC in Eagle River holds non-proprietary rock core and cuttings that represent nearly 14 million feet of exploration and production drilling on Federal, State, and private lands in Alaska, including the Alaska outer continental shelf (map image, right). Additionally, the collection holds more than 280,000 linear feet of diamond-drilled hard-rock mineral core, representing more than 1,800 exploratory boreholes; 76,000 linear feet of oil and gas core and rock samples from more than 1,700 exploratory or production wells; samples for geotechnical boreholes; and numerous surface rock and sediment samples. The GMC also maintains extensive geochemical data and reports derived from third-party sampling and has an archive of more than 190,000 processed slides, including petrographic thin sections and paleontological glass slides derived from this rock. An archive inventory summary is available for download.

How Did We Do This?

An online programming summary gives an explanation and shows examples of how the GMC uses KML and other markup and programming languages to publish our geologic materials inventory. A link to the full, formal metadata is provided above should you have further questions about the dataset.

Got Google?

GMC Staff recommends that users download and install Google Earth to interact with the KML file provided on this site.

Questions? Check out the Google Earth Help Center page on how to get started.

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