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On-line Inventory

Our live on-line inventory dataset (right) includes oil and gas well locations, mineral prospect locations, sample types, box-level details, and additional metadata for over 90% of the archived samples available at the Alaska GMC. The interactive inventory allows users to quickly and easily view details of the sample repository before visiting the facility. If you do not find materials appropriate to your research needs, please contact us at the GMC. We have search capabilities not available through the web search interface.

What do we have?

Map of GMC sample locations

The Alaska GMC in Anchorage holds non-proprietary rock core and cuttings that represent more than 16.7 million feet of unique energy exploration and production drilling samples and 76,000 linear feet of continuous core from more than 3,000 exploratory or production wells on Federal, State, and private lands in Alaska, including the Alaska outer continental shelf (map image, right). Additionally, the collection holds more than 354,000 linear feet of diamond-drilled hard-rock mineral core representing more than 2,100 exploratory and geotechnical boreholes. USGS, USBOM, USBLM, and energy industry archives are merged at the GMC to form a state-wide collection of 350,000 surface rock and sediment samples. Our catalogue of more than 198,000 processed slides contains a world-class palynology collection and numerous other microfossil, organic and petrographic thin sections, sediment, and thermochronology glass slides. Extensive geological and geochemical results derived from all third-party sampling of GMC materials are maintained in unreviewed data and reports publications. We also archive numerous geologic maps and Alaska air USGS photos.

Inventory Status

All inventory data is live or updated daily. Please contact us if you would like to contribute any documented corrections or additions to the GMC inventory data. Contributing maps, drill records, or any other documentation is especially welcome. Software fixes, added search functionality, help guides, and documentation are ongoing.

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