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image ofPapp, Kenneth R.
Papp, Kenneth R. - Geologist, (907)754-3595

Curator, Geologist, Geologic Materials Center - Ken Papp earned his B.S. in Geology from the University of Cincinnati, and his M.S. in Volcanology and Remote Sensing from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He has worked for the State for 10 years as a geologist with DGGS in Fairbanks, a project manager at the Alaska Energy Authority and, since 2009, the Curator of the Geologic Materials Center. Ken enjoys outdoor adventures with his wife, Kristin, and changing the diapers on his infant son, Nolan.

image ofJohnson, Kurt J.
Johnson, Kurt J. - Geologist, (907)754-3597
image ofRiordan, Jean A.
Riordan, Jean A. - Geologist, (907)754-3596

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