GMC Minerals Details Explanation

Borehole Core Details Header

Item Definition
Prospect Name GMC listed prospect name
Borehole # Core box borehole number
Company Owner/consultant/drill company if available
Collection Type General source of core donation (see details below)
Core Memo Description of core size and sample's current form
Box(es) Total box count available for hole
Details Explanation This file

Collection Type

Value Definition
Industry Minerals Industry
Government Agency Federal, State, and Educational Institutions
Geothermal Geothermal projects
Engineering Engineering projects
Fossil Fuels Coal fields

Borehole Core Details

Item Definition
Box Core box number
Top Top of sample interval in box
Bottom Bottom of sample interval in box
Sample Form Composite field of core size and sample type (see details below)
Sample Memo Complex composite field adding box level details
Footer Reality Check Link explaining limitations of inventory data
Footer Links Links to GMC, contact, copyright, and privacy pages

Core Size

Value Definition
E core About 21.6/.85 (mm/in)
A core About 27.0/1.1 (mm/in)
B core About 36.5/1.4 (mm/in)
N core About 47.6/1.9 (mm/in)
H core About 63.5/2.5 (mm/in)
P core About 85.0/3.3 (mm/in)
Mixed Core Sizes Several different core diameters
Other Such as chips or hand samples

Sample Type

Value Definition
Whole Undivided core
Half Cut Core cut in half
Split Core cracked in half
Chips Pea-gravel chips of unknown preparation
Residue Core fallen out of box
Mixed Mixed core and hand samples
Hand Hand samples
Empty Core box is empty

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