GMC Minerals Summary Explanation

Mineral Prospect Inventory Header

Item Definition
Company Only available for prospects with no detailed inventory
Prospect Name GMC listed prospect name
Mystery Dot
Location Type Type of geolocation for prospect (see details below)
USGS ARDF # Unique United States Geological Survey label assigned to each site. First two letters comprise the quadrangle code, followed by a three digit number.
GMC Data Report None or see web link at bottom of balloon
Minerals Summary Explanation This file
Reality Check Link to web page for advice and data limitations
Alaska GMC Link to GMC web page

Location Type

Value Definition
Single Prospect Average location of boreholes
Prospects Group Represents average of two or more prospects
Claim Area Center of claim area
Area Centroid Center of geographic area such as basin or island
Unresolved No lat/long location

Mineral Prospect Borehole Summary

Item Definition
Borehole "-blank-" if empty or partial/full borehole #
Top Borehole top of available samples at GMC
Bottom Borehole bottom of available samples at GMC
Box Count Number of intervals with samples inventoried for borehole
Core Size Generic references to core diameter (see details below)
Sample Type Description of the core or sample's current form (see details below)

Core Size

Value Definition
E core About 21.6/.85 (mm/in)
A core About 27.0/1.1 (mm/in)
B core About 36.5/1.4 (mm/in)
N core About 47.6/1.9 (mm/in)
H core About 63.5/2.5 (mm/in)
P core About 85.0/3.3 (mm/in)
Mixed Core Sizes Several different core diameters
Other Such as chips or hand samples

Sample Type

Value Definition
Whole Undivided core
Half Cut Core cut in half
Split Core cracked in half
Chips Pea-gravel chips of unknown preparation
Residue Core fallen out of box
Mixed Mixed core and hand samples
Hand Hand samples
Empty Core box is empty

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