GMC Oil & Gas Summary Explanation

Oil & Gas Inventory Header

Item Definition
Well Name AOGCC listed well name
Mystery Dot
API A unique identifier assigned to each oil and gas well in the U.S.
Operator AOGCC listed operator of well
Well Permit AOGCC permit # with links to AOGCC website
Total Depth AOGCC well depth in feet
Completion Date AOGCC well drilling completion date
Area AOGCC basin or area for well
Digital Well Logs Well logs available in digital (LAS) format from the AOGCC
Oil & Gas Summary Explanation This file
Reality Check Link to web page for advice and data limitations
Alaska GMC Link to GMC web page

Oil & Gas Summary

Item Definition
Materials Details Types of material available at the GMC (see details below)
Top Well top of available samples at GMC
Bottom Well bottom of available samples at GMC
Count Number of intervals having inventoried samples for a given well
GMC Data Report Link to downloadable GMC publications containing analytical and interpretive data for a given well

Material Details

Value Definition
Core Unprocessed sample material
Cuttings Washed/unwashed sample material
Apatite Processed slides
Clay Processed slides
Foraminifera Processed slides
Heavy Minerals Processed slides
Kerogen Processed slides
Nannoplankton Processed slides
Palynology Processed slides
Residues Processed residuals
Siliceous Fossils Processed slides
Thin Sections Processed slides
Vitrinite Processed mounts
Formation Top Picks List of geologic formations through which the well was drilled

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