Welcome to the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Our mission: Determine the potential of Alaskan land for production of metals, minerals, fuels, and geothermal resources, the locations and supplies of groundwater and construction material, and the potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other installations and structures (AS 41.08.020).


  • Additional high-resolution lidar data for Alaska infrastructure corridors has been added to RDF-2011-3. Includes data for areas between Fairbanks and Wiseman as well as in the Tyonek, Talkeetna, and Anchorage 1:250,000-scale quadrangles.
  • New release! High-resolution lidar data for Alaska infrastructure corridors - RDF 2011-3. Learn more (DNR Media release)...
  • New release! Alaska's mineral industry 2010 - SR 65. Learn more (DNR Media release)...
  • New release! Geochemical, major-oxide, minor-oxide, trace-element, and carbon data from rocks collected in 2011 in the Moran area, Tanana and Melozitna quadrangles, Alaska - RDF 2011-4
  • New release! Historically active volcanoes of Alaska - MP 133 v. 1.1
  • New release! Iditarod survey area: Magnetic and electromagnetic line, grid, and vector data and maps, Innoko, Iditarod, and McGrath mining districts, Iditarod and Ophir quadrangles, western Alaska - GPR 2011-2. Learn more (DNR Media release)...
  • New release! Using lidar to refine geologic mapping and interpretations in the upper Tanana River valley, central Alaska (Poster), Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 43, No. 5, p. 623, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, October 9-12, 2011 - Hubbard, T.D. and others, 2011