Evans, B.W. and Brown, E.H., 1986

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  • Title:

    Blueschists and eclogites
  • Authors:

    Evans, B.W., and Brown, E.H., eds.
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    Geological Society of America 
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    Not available

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Evans, B.W., and Brown, E.H., eds., 1986, Blueschists and eclogites: Geological Society of America, Memoir 164.

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    • Armstrong, R.L. and others, 1986, p. 185-203Armstrong, R.L., Harakal, J.E., Forbes, R.B., Evans, B.W., and Thurston, S.P., 1986, Rb-Sr and K-Ar study of metamorphic rocks of the Seward Peninsula and southern Brooks Range, Alaska.

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