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DGGS PIR 2009-8A

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LePain, D.L., Wartes, M.A., McCarthy, P.J., Stanley, R.G., Silliphant, L.J., Peterson, Shaun, Shellenbaum, D.P., Helmold, K.P., Decker, P.L., Mongrain, J.R., and Gillis, R.J., 2009, Facies associations, sand body geometry, and depositional systems in Late Oligocene-Pliocene Strata, southern Kenai Peninsula, Cook Inlet, Alaska: Report on progress during the 2006-07 field season, in LePain, D.L., ed., Preliminary results of recent geologic investigations in the Homer-Kachemak Bay area, Cook Inlet basin: Progress during the 2006-2007 field season: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Interpretive Report 2009-8A, p. 1-97. http://doi.org/10.14509/20162

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Basins; Beluga Formation; Bluff Point; Clam Gulch; Coal Cove; Cook Inlet; Cook Inlet Basin; Deep Creek; Diamond Gulch; Falls Creek; Fox River; Fritz Creek; Geology; Kachemak Bay; Kenai National Wildlife Refuge; Kenai Peninsula; Measured Sections; Measured Stratigraphic Section; Oligocene; Pliocene; Point Pogibshi; Port Graham; Sedimentary; Sedimentary Rocks; Sedimentation; Sedimentology; Sterling Formation; Tertiary; Tyonek Formation; geoscientificInformation

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