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    Potential Mineral resources in selected d-2 lands
  • Authors:

    Bottge, R.G.
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    U.S. Bureau of Mines
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    Ambler River, Baird Mountains, Beaver, Bendeleben, Bering Glacier, Bettles, Chandalar, Charley River, Circle, Ikpikpuk River, Killik River, Lake Clark, Lime Hills, McCarthy, Mount Katmai, Mount McKinley, Nabesna, Selawik, Shungnak, Survey Pass, Talkeetna, Valdez
  • Keyword(s):

    Mineral Assessment; Mineral Development

Bibliographic Reference

Bottge, R.G., 1974, Potential Mineral resources in selected d-2 lands: U.S. Bureau of Mines Open-File Report 9-74, 51 p., 1 sheet.

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