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    Short notes on Alaska geology 1997
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    Clough, J.G., and Larson, Frank, eds.
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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    Alaska General; Anchorage; Barrow; Barter Island; Beechey Point; Bendeleben; Craig; De Long Mountains; Demarcation Point; Flaxman Island; Harrison Bay; Iditarod; Ikpikpuk River; Iliamna; Kantishna River; Lookout Ridge; McGrath; Meade River; Medfra; Misheguk Mountain; Mount Katmai; Mount McKinley; Mount Michelson; Naknek; Nome; Nulato; Ophir; Point Lay; Port Moller; Ruby; Sagavanirktok; Sleetmute; Solomon; Talkeetna; Talkeetna Mountains; Teller; Teshekpuk; Ugashik; Umiat; Utukok River; Wainwright

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Clough, J.G., and Larson, Frank, eds., 1998, Short notes on Alaska geology 1997: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Professional Report 118, 142 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/2327

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    • PR 118AAmato, J.M., and Wright, J.E., 1998, Geochronologic investigations of magmatism and metamorphism within the Kigluaik Mountains gneiss dome, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, p. 1-21.
    • PR 118BBaesemann, J.F., Brenckle, P.L., and Gruzlovic, P.D., 1998, Composite standard correlation of the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) Lisburne Group from Prudhoe Bay to the Eastern Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, North Slope Alaska, p. 23-36.
    • PR 118CBanet, A.C., and Mowatt, T.C., 1998, Enigmatic source of oil from Chucki Sea, northwestern Alaska, p. 37-51.
    • PR 118DBlodgett, R.B., 1998, Emsian (Late Early Devonian) fossils indicate a Siberian origin for the Farewell terrane, p. 53-61.
    • PR 118EDecker, P.L., Wilson, G.C., Watts, A.B., and Work, David, 1998, Growth-position petrified trees overlying thick Nanushuk Group coal, Lili Creek, Lookout Ridge Quadrangle, North Slope Alaska, p. 63-70.
    • PR 118FLePain, D.L., 1998, Paleotopographic control on deposition of the Lower Kayak Shale, northern Franklin Mountains, Brooks Range, Alaska, p. 71-85.
    • PR 118GPaegle, J.S., Layer, P.W., and West, A.W., 1998, Cooling history of the Okpilak Batholith, northeastern Brooks Range, as determined from potassium-feldspar thermochronometry, p. 87-97.
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    • PR 118KWartes, M.A., and Reifenstuhl, R.R., 1998, Preliminary petrography and provenance of six Lower Cretaceous sandstones, northwestern Brooks Range, Alaska, p. 131-140.


Alexander Terrane; Ar-Ar; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Biostratigraphy; Brachiopods; Chukchi Sea; Coal; Conodonts; Corals; Depositional Environment; Endicott Group; Farewell Terrane; Fission Track; Fossils; Geochemistry; Geochronology; Hadrosaur; K-Ar; Marine; Matanuska Formation; Metamorphism; Microfossils; Nanushuk Formation; National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska; Organic Geochemistry; Paleoenvironment; Paleogeography; Paleontology; Pb/Pb; Petrified Wood; Petroleum; Plant Fossils; Provenance; Prudhoe Bay; Reconstructions; Sedimentation; Stratigraphy; Tectonics; Thermochronology; Tingmerkpuk Member; Turbidites; Vertebrate Fossils

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