DGGS PIR 2013-1

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  • Title:

    Overview of 2012 field studies: Upper Alaska Peninsula and west side of lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
  • Authors:

    Gillis, R.J., ed.
  • Publication Date:

    Feb 2013
  • Publisher:

    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
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  • Quadrangle(s):

    Afognak; Iliamna; Lake Clark; Mount Katmai
  • Keyword(s):

    40Ar/39Ar; Age Dates; Analyses and Sampling; Ar-Ar; Basins; Batholith; Bedrock; Bruin Bay Fault; Cement; Cretaceous; Detrital Zircon; Earthquake; Earthquake Related Hazards; Energy Resources; Facies Analysis; Fan Delta; Fault Displacement; Faulting; Fission Track; Folding; Forearc Basin; Fracturing; Gas Basins; Geochronology; Geology; Groundwater Related Hazards; Hazards; Herendeen Formation; Iliamna Volcano; Inoceramus; Kaguyak Formation; Kamishak Formation; Late Jurassic; Measured Sections; Measured Stratigraphic Section; Megafossils; Middle Jurassic; Naknek Formation; Natural Gas; Non-Metals; Oil and Gas; Oil and Gas Basin; Oil Basins; Oil Seeps; Paleontology; Peninsula Terrane; Petroleum; Petroleum Basin Study; Planolites; Plutonic; Porosity; Provenance; Quartz; Reservoir Evaluation; Reservoir Quality; Resource Assessment; Resources; Sedimentary; Sedimentary Rocks; Sedimentation; Sediment Gravity Flow; Snug Harbor Siltstone Member; Source Rock; Stratigraphy; Structural Geology; Structure Contours; Subsidence; Surficial; Talkeetna Formation; Thermal Maturity; Thermochronology; Thin Section; Type Section;

Bibliographic Reference

Gillis, R.J., ed., 2013, Overview of 2012 field studies: Upper Alaska Peninsula and west side of lower Cook Inlet, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Interpretive Report 2013-1, 48 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/24824

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  • Chapter information:

    • PIR 2013-1AGillis, R.J., 2013, Overview of 2012 field studies: Upper Alaska Peninsula and west side of lower Cook Inlet, Alaska, p. 1-4.
    • PIR 2013-1BStanley, R.G., Herriott, T.M., LePain, D.L., Helmold, K.P., and Peterson, C.S., 2013, Reconnaissance studies of potential petroleum source rocks in the Middle Jurassic Tuxedni Group near Red Glacier, eastern slope of Iliamna Volcano, p. 5-9.
    • PIR 2013-1CHelmold, K.P., 2013, Reservoir quality of sandstones in the Naknek and Kaguyak Formations: Field observations, p. 11-12.
    • PIR 2013-1DGillis, R.J., Maley, M.R., Frohman, R.A., and Peterson, C.S., 2013, Fracture studies in Upper Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic strata on the upper Alaska Peninsula and lower Cook Inlet, p. 13-17.
    • PIR 2013-1EStanley, R.G., Herriott, T.M., Helmold, K.P., Gillis, R.J., and Lillis, P.G., 2013, Hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone in the Upper Jurassic Naknek Formation on the south shore of Kamishak Bay, p. 19-23.
    • PIR 2013-1FWartes, M.A., Decker, P.L., Stanley, R.G., Herriott, T.M., Helmold, K.P., and Gillis, R.J., 2013, Preliminary stratigraphy and facies analysis of the Upper Cretaceous Kaguyak Formation, including a brief summary of newly discovered oil stain, upper Alaska Peninsula, p. 25-32.
    • PIR 2013-1GGillis, R.J., Swenson, R.F., Wartes, M.A., and Frohman, R.A., 2013, Reconnaissance investigations of the Bruin Bay fault system along the western margin of lower Cook Inlet and upper Alaska Peninsula, p. 33-37.
    • PIR 2013-1HWartes, M.A., Herriott, T.M., Helmold, K.P., and Gillis, R.J., 2013, Preliminary stratigraphic interpretation of the Naknek Formation: Evidence for Late Jurassic activity on the Bruin Bay fault, Iniskin Peninsula, lower Cook Inlet, p. 39-46.
    • PIR 2013-1IGillis, R.J., 2013, Acknowledgments and references cited, p. 47-48.

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