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Werdon, M.B., and Blessington, M.J., 2014, Analyses of historic U.S. Bureau of Mines samples for geochemical trace-element and rare-earth-element data from Kook Lake, Sitka Quadrangle, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Raw Data File 2014-15, 4 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/27300

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Analyses and Sampling; Base Metals; Critical Minerals; Economic Geology; Economic Study; Exploration; Geochemical Surveys; Geochemistry; Geology; Heavy Metals; Mineral Assessment; Mineral Deposit; Mineral Development; Mineral Localities; Mineral Prospect; Mineral Resources; Minerals; Non-Metals; Platinum Group Elements; Precious Metals; Rare Earth Elements; Ree; Resource Assessment; Resource Information; Resources; Strategic Minerals; Strategic and Critical Minerals Assessment Project; Trace Elements; Trace Geochemical; Trace Metals; geoscientificInformation

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