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Bartlett, S.F., 1992

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Bartlett, S.F., 1992, Empirical analysis of horizontal ground displacement generated by liquefaction-induced lateral spreads: Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University, Ph.D. dissertation, 138 p.


Liquefaction-induced ground failure is responsible for considerable damage to engineering structures during major earthquakes. Presently, few empirical techniques exist for estimating the amount of permanent horizontal displacement resulting from liquefaction-induced lateral spread. None of these techniques fully addresses all the earthquake and site factors known to influence ground displacement. This study compiles earthquake, geological, topographical, and soil factors that affect ground displacement and develops regression models from these factors. Case studies of lateral spread are gathered from the 1906 San Francisco, 1964 Alaska, 1964 Niigata, 1971 San Fernando, 1979 Imperial Valley, 1983 Nihonkai-Chubu, 1983 Borah Peak Idaho, and 1987 Superstition Hills earthquakes. Multiple linear regression (MLR) is used to develop empirical models from the compiled data. Two general MLR models are developed, one for free face failures and one for ground slope failures. The performance of previously proposed empirical models is also compared with the models developed by this study.

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