Barker, Fred, 1952

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    The Coast Range batholith between Haines, Alaska, and Bennett Lake, British Columbia
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    Barker, Fred
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    California Institute of Technology 
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    Not available
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    Juneau; Skagway

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Barker, Fred, 1952, The Coast Range batholith between Haines, Alaska, and Bennett Lake, British Columbia: Pasadena, California, California Institute of Technology, M.S. thesis, 45 p.


The Coast Range batholith of western Canada and southeastern Alaska, which is a composite of many plutons from a few hundred yards to several miles in cross-sectional width, extends approximately 1,100 miles from the vicinity of Vancouver, British Columbia, northwest to Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory. Its width varies from about 40 miles in the north to a maximum of about 120 miles in southern British Columbia. the northern end of the batholith has not been studied previously in detail. The author traversed this portion of hte batholith from the northeastern contact at Bennett Lake, British Columbia, along the tracks of the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad to Skagway, Alaska, and from there by boat along Lynn Canal to Haines, Alaska, and the southwestern contact of the batholith. The mapping was done on air photos, whose scale is approximately 1:38,000. The traverse was begun on August 4, 1951, and was finished on August 30, 1951. About four weeks were spent studying thin sections in March and April of 1952. The purpose of this report is to present the results of this study.

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