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Briner, J.P., 1998

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Briner, J.P., 1998, Late Pleistocene glacial chronology of the western Ahklun Mountains, southwest Alaska: Logan, Utah, Utah State University, M.S. thesis, 106 p.


New glacial mapping and 35 cosmogenic 36Cl surface exposure ages constrain the extent and timing of late Pleistocene glacial fluctuations in the western Ahklun Mountains, southwestern Alaska. Morphometric and soil relative-age data characterize two main drift units deposited during the Arolik Lake and Klak Creek glaciations, named herein. During the Arolik Lake glaciation, outlet glaciers emanated from an ice cap over the central portion of the Ahklun Mountains and deposited moraines at or beyond the modern coast at 53.6 +/- 2.0 36Cl ka. During the Klak Creek glaciation, ice-cap outlet glaciers deposited moraines 20 - 80 km upvalley from Arolik Lake moraines during two phases, one from ~25 to 23 36Cl ka, and another from ~19 to 15 36Cl ka. The restricted extent of Klak Creek glaciers might reflect a lack of available moisture as sea ice covered the Bering Sea during the peak of the last global glacial maximum.

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