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Canales, E.E., 2004

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Canales, E.E., 2004, Structure and tectonics of the offshore region close to Kayak Island from geophysical information: University of New Orleans, Lousiana, M.S. thesis, 84 p.


The principal goal of this research is to clarify the structure and tectonic setting of southern Alaska and, specifically, the offshore area close to Kayak Island. Seismic reflection data collected in 1976 in the offshore region of Kayak Island in the Gulf of Alaska were reprocessed to improve the quality of the signal by applying seismic data processing techniques that were not available at the time the data were obtained. The processed data were then interpreted, focusing on identifying patterns that indicate the direction, as well as the intensity, of deformation. The deformation pattern observed in this research suggests that the major deformation of the region is located at the northwest side of Kayak Island.

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