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Linton, J.A., 1993

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Linton, J.A., 1993, Constraining the processes of magmatic evolution; perspectives from two volcanic centers: University of Wyoming, Laramie, M.S. thesis, 91 p., illust., maps.


This study used Nomarski microscopy and microprobe analysis to look for differences in zoning patterns of plagioclase phenocrysts from two Aleutian volcanoes, Mount Kliuchef and Mount Korovin. The occurrence of bimodal compositions and complex zoning in plagioclase crystals from the Korovin suite and the absence of the same in plagioclase crystals from the Mount Kliuchef suite suggest that the rocks in the Korovin suite have a more complex petrogenetic history than that of the Kliuchef rocks. This complexity is best explained by mixing of more evolved and less evolved magmas. The second part of this study examined samples from two drill holes through the flanks of Newberry Volcano, Oregon. The Newberry cores can be divided into different episodes of volcanism based on major element trends and petrography. Magnetic reversal data and petrography suggest volcanism at Newberry probably started around 1 Ma.

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