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Trusel, L.D., 2009

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Trusel, L.D., 2009, Inferences into temperate glacimarine sediment yields, landforms, and environments from multibeam sonar records in Alaskan fjords: DeKalb, Illinois, Northern Illinois University, M.S. thesis, xiv, 211 p., illust., tables, maps.


This study utilizes high-resolution multibeam sonar records from two temperate glaciated fjords in southeastern Alaska. Chapter 1 quantifies recent glacimarine sediment fluxes in Disenchantment Bay and Muir Inlet. Analyses are of unprecedented resolution and reveal sediment flux from glacial termini is best characterized by power and exponential regression equations. Sediment yield and effective glacial erosion are quantified and found to be of similar magnitude during both glacial advance and retreat. Chapter 2 analyzes submarine glacial landforms to interpret terminus dynamics and history during recent glacial recessions. Landform sediment volumes and formation rates are quantified to yield valuable information about the retreat of Hubbard Glacier. Chapter 3 assesses substrates and sediment flux in Muir Inlet in relation to benthic habitats. Supplemental digital files are included and described in Appendix B. Results from this thesis have implications in modeling and inferring glacial dynamics and the tectonic and paleoclimatic history of southern Alaska.

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