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DGGS Werdon, M.B., 2018

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Werdon, M.B., 2018, Alaska's mineral industry 2017: Mines, development, and exploration (presentation): Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia Mineral Exploration Roundup, January 22, 2018: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, 31 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/29851

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Ambler; Arsenopyrite; Barite; Bornite; Canada; Chalcopyrite; Channel; Circle; Coal; Copper; Cyanide; Dome; Drilling; Environmental; Epithermal; Exploration; Galena; Geologic; Geology; Geotechnical; Gold; Graphite; Gravity; Herbert; Industrial Minerals; Lead; Lithium; Livengood; Lode; Metallurgy; Metals; Mining; Molybdenum; Nome; Ore; Palmer; Pebble; Placer; Pogo; Porphyry; Portage; Pyrite; Quartz; Resource Assessment; Resource Information; Resources; Silver; Skarn; Soils; Sphalerite; Structure; Sulfides; Surface; Tailings; Tanacross; Tetlin; Trenching; Unga; Usibelli; Valdez; Zinc;

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