USGS B 668

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  • Title:

    The Nelchina-Susitna region, Alaska
  • Authors:

    Chapin, Theodore
  • Publication Date:

  • Publisher:

    U.S. Geological Survey 
  • Ordering Info:

    USGS Publications Warehouse
  • Quadrangle(s):

    Anchorage; Gulkana; Healy; Mount Hayes; Talkeetna Mountains; Valdez

Bibliographic Reference

Chapin, Theodore, 1918, The Nelchina-Susitna region, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 668, 67 p., 2 sheets, scale 1:250,000.

Publication Products

  • ReportReport Information

  • Maps & Other Oversized SheetsMaps & Other Oversized Sheets

    • Plate I Topographic reconnaissance map of the Nelchina-Susitna region, scale 1:250,000 (7.3 M)
    • Plate II Geologic reconnaissance map of the Nelchina-Susitna region, Alaska, scale 1:250,000 (10.0 M)


Bedrock; Bedrock Geology; Generalized; Geology; Metals; Surficial

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