USGS B 719

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  • Title:

    Preliminary report on petroleum in Alaska
  • Authors:

    Martin, G.C.
  • Publication Date:

  • Publisher:

    U.S. Geological Survey 
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    This publication is out of print. Reproductions may be available. USGS Publications Warehouse
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    Afognak; Alaska General; Alaska Statewide; Bering Glacier; Bristol Bay; Chignik; Cold Bay; Cordova; Dillingham; False Pass; Iliamna; Karluk; Kenai; Mount Katmai; Naknek; Port Moller; Seldovia; Stepovak Bay; Sutwik Island; Ugashik; Unimak; Yakutat

Bibliographic Reference

Martin, G.C., 1921, Preliminary report on petroleum in Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 719, 83 p., 9 sheets.

Publication Products

  • ReportReport Information

  • Maps & Other Oversized SheetsMaps & Other Oversized Sheets

    • Plate I Map of Alaska showing oil fields and areas covered by other maps in this report (81.0 K)
    • Plate III Map showing location of Katalla and Yakataga oil fields (975.0 K)
    • Plate IV Geologic map of Controller Bay or Katalla oil field, scale 1:62,500 (5.0 M)
    • Plate VI Map of Yakataga District, Alaska, showing oil seepages (1.1 M)
    • Plate VII Map of part of west shore of Cook Inlet, showing distribution of Jurassic sedimentary rocks (398.0 K)
    • Plate VIII Geologic map of Cook Inlet oil fields, scale 1:250,000 (1.0 M)
    • Plate IX Geologic reconnaissance map of Alaska Peninsula (3.0 M)
    • Plate X Map of Cold Bay oil field, scale 1:125,000 (1.0 M)
    • Plate XI Map showing location of oil wells in Cold Bay field (469.0 K)


Alaska Peninsula; Generalized; Geology; Oil Basins; Petroleum; Petrology

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