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Fritts, C.E., 1970, Geology and geochemistry of the Cosmos Hills, Ambler River and Shungnak quadrangles, Alaska: Alaska Division of Mines and Geology Geologic Report 39, 63 p., 5 sheets, scale 1:63,360. http://doi.org/10.14509/368

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Alteration Products; Ambler Glaciation; Asbestos; Bedrock; Bedrock Geologic Map; Bedrock Geology; Brachiopods; Chromium; Chrysotile; Cobalt; Conodonts; Copper; Corals; Core Logs; Cretaceous; Crinoids; Crystals; Cymrite; Dahl Creek Fault; Decorative Stone; Depositional Environment; Derivative; Devonian; Economic Geology; Fossils; Garnet; Generalized; Geochemistry; Geology; Geomorphology; Glacial Geology; Gold; Historic Resources; Iron; Isotopes; Jade; Jay Creek Fault; Kobuk Glaciation; Lead; Lynx Creek Fault; Manganese; Metamorphism; Mining; Nickel; Nuggets; Paleontology; Paleozoic; Peridotite; Placer; Production Data; Reconstructions; Silver; Snails; Soapstone; Stratiform; Stratigraphy; Structure; Talc; Tectonics; Tremolite; Zinc

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