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  • Title:

    Geochemistry of oil-field water from the North Slope
  • Authors:

    Kharaka, Y.K., and Carothers, W.W.
  • Publication Date:

  • Publisher:

    U.S. Geological Survey 
  • Ordering Info:

    USGS Publications Warehouse
  • Quadrangle(s):

    Barrow; Harrison Bay; Howard Pass; Ikpikpuk River; Lookout Ridge; Meade River; Misheguk Mountain; Teshekpuk; Umiat; Utukok River; Wainwright

Bibliographic Reference

Kharaka, Y.K., and Carothers, W.W., 1988, Geochemistry of oil-field water from the North Slope, in Gryc, George, ed., Geology and exploration of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, 1974 to 1982: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1399, p. 551-561.

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