USGS P 475-D

Publication Details

  • Title:

    Rich oil shale from northern Alaska
  • Authors:

    Tailleur, I.L.
  • Publication Date:

  • Publisher:

    U.S. Geological Survey
  • Ordering Info:

    USGS Publications Warehouse
  • Quadrangle(s):

    De Long Mountains, Harrison Bay, Howard Pass, Ikpikpuk River, Lookout Ridge, Meade River, Misheguk Mountain, Point Lay, Teshekpuk, Umiat, Utukok River, Wainwright

Bibliographic Reference

Tailleur, I.L., 1964, Rich oil shale from northern Alaska, in U.S. Geological Survey, Geological survey research 1963, Short papers in geology, hydrology, Articles 122-172: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 475-D, p. D131-D133.

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  • This publication is part of a larger work. Please see P 475-D for more information.

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