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    Placer mining-jobs for Alaska: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Alaska Conference on Placer Mining-1987
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    Albanese, M.D., and Campbell, B.W., comps.
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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    Alaska General; Bendeleben; Bettles; Big Delta; Chandalar; Charley River; Chignik; Circle; Eagle; Fairbanks; Goodnews Bay; Gulkana; Healy; Iditarod; Kantishna River; Ketchikan; Livengood; McCarthy; Mount Hayes; Mount McKinley; Nabesna; Nome; Ruby; Seldovia; Skagway; Sleetmute; Talkeetna Mountains; Tanana; Teller; Wiseman

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Albanese, M.D., and Campbell, B.W., comps., 1987, Placer mining-jobs for Alaska: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Alaska Conference on Placer Mining-1987: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Miscellaneous Publication 9, 321 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/672

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    • MP 9FDolphin, Kelly, and Ferree, T.J., 1987, The assessment of reprocessing hard-rock tailings, p. 55-57.
    • MP 9GPeterson, L.A., 1987, Summary of the effects of suspended solids, viscosity, and clay on fine-gold recovery, p. 59-73.
    • MP 9HTsigonis, R.C., 1987, Riffle packing, suspended solids, and gold loss in a sluice box, p. 75-87.
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    • MP 9OBones, John, 1987, Heavy-equipment maintenance management, p. 173-174.
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Economic Study; Flocculation; Gold; Historic Resources; Mining; Mining Methods; Placer; Production Data; Size Analysis; Turbidity; Water Quality

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