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Alaska's mineral industry 2004: A summary

Bibliographic Reference

Szumigala, D.J., and Hughes, R.A., 2005, Alaska's mineral industry 2004: A summary: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Information Circular 51, 18 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/7083

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Acanthite; Aerial Photography; Aeromagnetic; Aeromagnetic Data; Aeromagnetic Survey; Airborne Geophysical Survey; Alaska Peninsula; Alaska Pipeline; Alaska, State of; Ambler; Aniak Mining District; Antimony; Apparent Resistivity Data; Apparent Resistivity Map; Apparent Resistivity Survey; Arctic Deposit; Arsenic; Arsenopyrite; Barite; Base Metals; Bear Creek; Big Hurrah Mine; Brooks Range; Broxson Gulch; Building Stone; Chalcopyrite; Chandalar Mine; Chromium; Cleary Hill Mine; Cleary Summit; Coal; Construction Materials; Cook Inlet; Copper; Crushed Gravel; Crushed Rock; Decorative Stone; Delta River Mining District; Diamond Drilling; Diamonds; Donlin Creek; Dredge; Drilling; Economic Geology; Economic Study; Electromagnetic Anomalies; Electromagnetic Data; Electromagnetic Survey; Electrum; Ester Dome; Exploration; Fairbanks Mining District; Feasibility Study; Fort Knox Mine; Galena; Garnet; Geochemical Data; Geochemical Surveys; Geochemistry; Geologic Map; Geophysical Survey; Geophysics; Gil Deposit; Gold; Gold Prospect; Goodpaster Mining District; Gravity; Greens Creek; Helicopter Survey; Igneous Rocks; Iliamna; Induced Polarization; Industrial Minerals; Intrusion-hosted; Jamesonite; Jumbo Dome; Kahiltna Terrane; Kuskokwim Group; Lead; Little Squaw Mine; Livengood; Lode; Magnetite; Massive Sulfide Deposit; Massive Sulfides; Mineral Deposit; Mineral Development; Mineral Prospect; Mineral Resources; Minerals Report; Mining; Molybdenum; Money Knob; Nickel; Nyac; Ore; Ore Deposit; Ores; Palladium; Peat; Pebble Deposit; Placer; Placer Gold; Platinum; Platinum Group Elements; Pogo; Polymetallic; Porphyry; Precious Metals; Production Data; Pyrite; Quartz; Railroad; Reclamation; Recreational Mining; Reverse Circulation Drilling; Rock Creek; Sand and Gravel; Seward Peninsula; Shotgun; Shulin Lake; Silver; Soil Chemistry; Soil Sampling; Southcentral Alaska; Southeast Alaska; Southwest Alaska; Sphalerite; Stream Sediments; Structure Map; Sulfides; Tailings; Talkeetna Mountains; Tellurobismuthite; Tetradymite; True North Mine; Two Bull Ridge; Union Bay; Usibelli Mine; Woewodski Island

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