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DGGS MR 67-5

Coal deposits in the valley of the Healy River, Alaska

Bibliographic Reference

Wahrhaftig, Clyde, and Freedman, Jacob, 1944, Coal deposits in the valley of the Healy River, Alaska: Alaska Territorial Department of Mines Miscellaneous Report 67-5, 13 p., 6 sheets. http://doi.org/10.14509/817

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Analyses; Bedrock; Bedrock Geology; Clay; Coal; Geochemistry; Geology; Gravel; Healy River; Measured Stratigraphic Section; Mining; Nenana Gravel; Quaternary; Resource Assessment; Stratigraphy; Structural Geology; Structure; Structure Contours; Structure Map; Suntrana Formation; Surficial; Surficial Geology; Tertiary

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