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Contact: Susan Seitz, Analyst Programmer, Geologic Communications
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Contact: Kristen Janssen, Publications Specialist, Geologic Communications
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This web page allows anyone to view the valid keywords in the DGGS GERILA database, select and choose any number of keywords, and populate a text box with the desired keywords. Once in the text box, the list of keywords can be copied and pasted into any word processing program, spreadsheet, metadata writing tool, or e-mail message. You would use this Web form to send Kara Lewandowski, Publications Specialist, a list of keywords that you would want associated with a given publication or easily populate a metadata file with your desired keywords. The advantage of this form is the list of keywords in this page is automatically updated whenever a new keyword is added to the GERILA database and is more efficient than using a manually updated spreadsheet or text document.

Form Usage

Making Your Selections

Select items from the keywords drop-down list, using Ctrl and/or Shift on your keyboard to select multiple words, then press the Enter button. The associated text box will display your choices. Then, simply copy and paste the keywords into any other spreadsheet, text editor, or metadata writing tool. If you wish to clear the text in an individual box, simply select the text and hit the Delete key on your keyboard. The Clear All button at the bottom of the form will clear all the text boxes. If you forget to add a desired keyword or keywords into the text box after already pressing the Enter button, release the Ctrl key, select your first additional choice, then simply make your other selections similar to the "first batch." Feel free to test the behavior of the form first with a few keywords before make a large group of selections.

Searching for Keywords

You can also "search" for a keyword in the drop-down list by clicking inside any drop-down list and typing the first few letters of its name (Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7). Internet Explorer 6, however, only searches through the list when typing the first letter of a keyword.

Requesting New Keywords

If you don't see a particular keyword, it's not currently in the database. Please search through the lists to check for any synonyms or similar keywords before sending a request. Keywords can be added to the DGGS database, however additional information will be required to make the database entry complete. This information includes:

Place Keywords

Stratum Keywords

Temporal Keywords

Utility Keywords

Such additional information is generally not required for theme keywords. Most of the place name keywords originate from Orth, 1971 and the temporal keywords originate from GSA, 1999. Please contact one of the individuals listed above to request additional keywords.

Theme Keywords

Theme Choices

Place Keywords

Place Choices

Stratum Keywords

Stratum Choices

Temporal Keywords

Temporal Choices

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