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USBM Situation Report Publications

An unnumbered series published by U.S. Bureau of Mines. Some of these reports have not been published and do not necessarily meet the editorial standards of the former U.S. Bureau of Mines.

Hawley, C.C., 1978 Report Map
Hawley, C.C., 1978, Alaska's mineral potential, 1978: U.S. Bureau of Mines Situation Report, 10 p., 8 sheets.
SR 1977 Report
Jansons, Uldis, and Mowatt, T.C., 1977, Resource evaluation of the western Brooks Range 17(d)(2) lands: U.S. Bureau of Mines Situation Report, 46 p.
Bottge, R.G., 1975 Report Map
Bottge, R.G., 1975, Alaska's energy and mineral potential, 1975: U.S. Bureau of Mines Situation Report, 10 p., 7 sheets.
Thomas, B.I. and others, 1972 Report
Thomas, B.I., Kimball, A.L., Maloney, R.P., Pittman, T.L., Warfield, R.S., Blasko, D.P., Bottge, R.G., and Mulligan, J.J., 1972, Mineral resources of the Trans-Alaska pipeline corridor: U.S. Bureau of Mines Situation Report, 62 p.

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