USGS Trace Elements Memorandum Publications

Preliminary reports relating to trace elements that were distributed without editorial or technical review. These reports were originally issued for inter-agency use. Many or all of these reports were generated on behalf of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission

TEM 976 Report Map
Kachadoorian, Reuben, Campbell, R.H., Sainsbury, C.L., Scholl, D.W., Slaughter, M.J., and Porterfield, George, 1958, Geology of the Ogotoruk Creek area, northwestern Alaska, with a section on surface water and a section on quality of water of Ogotoruk Creek: U.S. Geological Survey Trace Elements Memorandum 976, 43 p., 3 sheets.
TEM 552 Report Map
Wedow, Helmuth, Jr., Bates, R.G., Grantz, Arthur, Houston, J.R., Killeen, P.L., Matzko, J.J., Nelson, A.E., Stejer, F.A., Velikanje, R.S., and West, W.S., 1952, Preliminary summary of reconnaissance for uranium and thorium in Alaska, 1952: U.S. Geological Survey Trace Elements Memorandum 552, 43 p., 1 sheet.