Field Station 04RR001

Summary Information

  • Database ID: 107437
  • Field Station Number: 04RR001
  • Station Type: surface outcrop
  • Field Station Description: ss, layered, parallel bedded, 10 cm to 3-4 m massive.
  • Latitude/Longitude: 57.7881 / -155.55492  (NAD27)
  • Project Name: Bristol Bay
  • Location Method: Bristol Bay field database and RDF 2004-3
  • Date Established: 05-25-2004
  • Quadrangle: Karluk D-5
  • Location Description: 0.5 mi W. of Portage Creek. A) N70E, 42NW.
  • Geologist: Rocky Reifenstuhl
  • Comments: Shelikof Formation; Waypoint 1. Other stations listed: 04RB01. Coordinates for sample C) 57.89983, 155.78742 which is ~75-90m south of 'A'.

Samples taken at this location:

  • 04RR001b : Shelikof Formation; collected for fission track; dark-gray to very dark gray medium grained (.5-.25 mm) poorly sorted, lithic arenite to clay rich lithic ss, variable bedding-plane parallel and channels of debris deposits with ammonites, bivalves--disarticulated, rare belemnites, rare wood; offshelf-channels into slope-no infauna;
  • 04RR001c : Shelikof Formation; collected for thin section; immature lithic ss w. biotite books volcanic quartz, hornblende.
  • 04RR001d : Shelikof Formation; collected for porosity and permeability; med-gray, light green med-gray, bedding 10-30 cm, fine ss, locally 1 m, lithic, locally with concretions and pock-marked outcrop. Cardioceras in conglomerate clasts. Shelikof Formation here deposited as event deposits, gravity flows, in deep marine basin.
  • 04RR001e : Shelikof Formation; collected for lithology