Field Station 04RR024

Summary Information

  • Database ID: 107458
  • Field Station Number: 04RR024
  • Station Type: surface outcrop
  • Field Station Description: Near 04-RR-23, below unconformity. Attitude N57E, 13NE. Good ss bed, 100 m section, green-very dark gray, siliceous siltstone, manganese oxide, rare iron oxide, local ss, green to very dark gray, very fine grained.
  • Latitude/Longitude: 57.7611 / -155.6286  (NAD27)
  • Project Name: Bristol Bay
  • Location Method: Bristol Bay field database and RDF 2004-3
  • Date Established: 06-02-2004
  • Quadrangle: Karluk D-5
  • Location Description: Ridge north of Teresa Creek. N57E, 13NE.
  • Geologist: Rocky Reifenstuhl
  • Comments: Below unconformity

Samples taken at this location:

  • 04RR024a : Shelikof Formation; collected for thin section; Manganese oxide, trace Fe-ox.
  • 04RR024b : Shelikof Formation; collected for organic geochemistry; Event sands.