Field Station 04RR029

Summary Information

  • Database ID: 107463
  • Field Station Number: 04RR029
  • Station Type: surface outcrop
  • Field Station Description: 1-5 cm thick, very fine ss layers with 1-20 cm siliceous siltstone beds; between 70 and 80% of this 300 m section is siliceous siltstone with much less ss. 29A: 4 cm bed, plane-laminated medium greenish-medium gray, very fine ss, parallel beds and laminations, local wavy beds. Depositional environment? outer deltaic? off shelf? similar problem across creek to 04-RR-27 and 04-RR-28--until cross bedded ss shows up, delta fron depositional environment seems required for crossbeds, hummocky beds, etc.
  • Latitude/Longitude: 57.72128 / -155.69423  (NAD27)
  • Project Name: Bristol Bay
  • Location Method: Bristol Bay field database and RDF 2004-3
  • Date Established: 06-03-2004
  • Quadrangle: Karluk
  • Location Description: SE of 04RR28 on adjacent ridge. N62E, 11NW.
  • Geologist: Rocky Reifenstuhl

Samples taken at this location:

  • 04RR029a : Shelikof Formation; collected for porosity and permeability; Plane laminated, medium greenish-medium gray, v.f. ss.