Field Station 08DL002

Summary Information

  • Database ID: 118837
  • Field Station Number: 08DL002
  • Station Type: measured section
  • Latitude/Longitude: 59.64468 / -151.59386  (NAD27)
  • Project Name: Cook Inlet
  • Location Method: Locations measured using Garmin GPS, recorded in field notebooks, manually transcribed into Energy section field database, and then retroactively loaded from GMC inventory file from Energy section W/O QC to resolve location discrepancies.
  • Date Established: 01-01-2008
  • Geologist: David LePain
  • Comments: Walked NW along beach to vicinity of Bidarki Creek. Plan to measure series of measured sections starting in sand body at base of bluff. Westernmost section (DL001) start in coal below sand. GroUP #2. Recorded in Shaun Petersons notes.

Samples taken at this location: