Energy Resources


Energy Resources FY15 project descriptions

  • Alaska coal database, National Coal Resource Database System - Provides data to the National Coal Resource Database System
  • Alaska geothermal database, National Geothermal Data System - Alaska geological survey contributions to the National Geothermal Data System
  • Cook Inlet geology and hydrocarbon potential - Cook Inlet basin analysis program aimed at developing a better understanding of the near-margin stratigraphic and structural components of the Cook Inlet petroleum system
  • Iniskin Peninsula - Bedrock geologic map of the Iniskin Peninsula area, lower Cook Inlet, Alaska; STATEMAP grant no. G13AC00157
  • North Slope - Ongoing program conducting stratigraphic, structural, and petroleum related studies in northern Alaska
  • Susitna and Nenana Basins, natural gas potential - Geology and natural gas potential of the Susitna and Nenana basins