Energy Resources Staff

image ofLePain, David L.
LePain, David L. - Geologist, (907)451-5085

Chief, Energy Resources Section

image ofBetka, Paul M.
Betka, Paul M. - Geologist, (907)451-2396

Paul is a structural geologist who enjoys undertaking detailed geologic mapping campaigns and field-based studies with the goal of understanding large-scale tectonic processes of both active and ancient plate margins. Paul's background includes geologic mapping and structural analyses of part of the Patagonian fold-thrust belt in the southernmost Andes, Chile and conducting strain and kinematic analyses of ductile extensional shear zones in Fiordland, New Zealand. He is currently working as a geologist for the Energy Section's Cook Inlet Program.

image ofClough, James G.
Clough, James G. - Geological Scientist, (907)451-5030

Jim is a carbonate sedimentologist with a focus on the stratigraphic evolution of carbonate sequences and their stacking geometries. Interests and expertise include: paleokarst systems; paleobiogeography and Arctic tectonics; fossil calcareous algae, coelenterates, stromatolites, and microbial mats. Jim also manages coal resource studies in Alaska.

image ofGillis, Robert J.
Gillis, Robert J. - Geologist, (907)451-5024

Robert is a field geologist who uses structural geology, geologic mapping, and thermochronology to help unravel the structural evolution of sedimentary basins and regional tectonic histories. He has participated in field studies in a variety of structural settings in several locations around the world, and has been involved in DGGS projects in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range, Cook Inlet region, and on the Alaska Peninsula. Robert also oversees USGS STATEMAP-funded geologic mapping projects for the Energy Section.

image ofHarun, Nina T.
Harun, Nina T. - Geologist, (907)451-3191
image ofHerriott, Trystan M.
Herriott, Trystan M. - Geologist, (907)451-5011

Trystan is a geologist with experience in large-scale geologic mapping in fold-and-thrust belts. He is interested in regional structural histories and how mechanical stratigraphy influences brittle-ductile deformation styles in contractional orogens. Trystan is currently conducting geologic mapping-based research for the Energy Section's North Slope and Cook Inlet programs. He also serves as the logistical coordinator for the section.

image ofWartes, Marwan A.
Wartes, Marwan A. - Geologist, (907)451-5056

Marwan's background is primarily in outcrop-based stratigraphy and sedimentology. His interests range from detailed facies analysis to the application of sequence stratigraphy and provenance to regional tectonic problems. He has conducted fieldwork in a number of regions, most notably Permian nonmarine basins in northwestern China and Cretaceous foreland basin strata in northern Alaska. He is currently leading the Brooks Range Foothills and North Slope program.