Energy Resources Staff

image ofLePain, David L.
LePain, David L. - Geologist, (907)451-5085

Chief, Energy Resources Section

image ofBetka, Paul M.
Betka, Paul M. - Geologist, (907)451-2396

Paul is a structural geologist who enjoys undertaking detailed geologic mapping campaigns and field-based studies with the goal of understanding large-scale tectonic processes of both active and ancient plate margins. Paul's background includes geologic mapping and structural analyses of part of the Patagonian fold-thrust belt in the southernmost Andes, Chile and conducting strain and kinematic analyses of ductile extensional shear zones in Fiordland, New Zealand. He is currently working as a geologist for the Energy Section's Cook Inlet Program.

image ofClough, James G.
Clough, James G. - Geological Scientist, (907)451-5030

Jim is a carbonate sedimentologist with a focus on the stratigraphic evolution of carbonate sequences and their stacking geometries. Interests and expertise include: paleokarst systems; paleobiogeography and Arctic tectonics; fossil calcareous algae, coelenterates, stromatolites, and microbial mats. Jim also manages coal resource studies in Alaska.

image ofGillis, Robert J.
Gillis, Robert J. - Geologist, (907)451-5024

Structural geology, geologic mapping, thermochronology

image ofHarun, Nina T.
Harun, Nina T. - Geologist, (907)451-3191
image ofHerriott, Trystan M.
Herriott, Trystan M. - Geologist, (907)451-5011

Trystan is a geologist with experience in large-scale geologic mapping in fold-and-thrust belts. He is interested in regional structural histories and how mechanical stratigraphy influences brittle-ductile deformation styles in contractional orogens. Trystan is currently conducting geologic mapping-based research for the Energy Section's North Slope and Cook Inlet programs. He also serves as the logistical coordinator for the section.

image ofWartes, Marwan A.
Wartes, Marwan A. - Geologist, (907)451-5056

Stratigraphy, basin analysis, tectonics, and petroleum geology