Geologic Communications Staff

image ofDavis, Paula K.
Davis, Paula K. - Publications Specialist, (907)451-5053

Chief, Geologic Communications Section - Paula is a publications specialist and has worked at DGGS since 1987. Her main duties are editing and overseeing the maps and publications through which the division disseminates the geologic data that they collect.

image ofAthey, Jennifer E.
Athey, Jennifer E. - Geologist, (907)451-5028

Jen is a geologist with experience in project and data management, GIS, and bedrock geologic mapping and mineral exploration. She is the lead data manager for DGGS, and is involved in multiple data management projects from digital field data collection to data compilation projects to construction of online data delivery applications. She is also a past Principal Investigator for four of DGGS's STATEMAP geologic mapping projects and has mapped throughout Alaska.

image ofGallagher, Patricia E.
Gallagher, Patricia E. - GIS Analyst/Cartographer, (907)451-5039

Trish has extensive experience using ArcGIS to create geologic maps and graphics. She graduated with a degree in Geology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is currently working toward becoming a certified GIS professional.

image ofHendricks, Michael D.
Hendricks, Michael D. - GIS Analyst, (907)451-5029

Mike Hendricks joined DGGS as a geospatial analyst in August 2014. For the past ten years Mike served on the faculty of the United States Military Academy's Geospatial Information Science Program at West Point. While in that position, he taught GIS and conducted applied research in spatio-temporal analysis and land navigation education using location-based technology. He developed and managed the "Geospatially Enabled Land Navigation Training Support System," a multiyear project that incorporates GPS tracking, mobile computing, 2D and 3D geovisualizations, and simulations. With this system he helped train more than 10,000 future Army officers to effectively plan routes and travel over the landscape.

image ofKirchner, Bobby
Kirchner, Bobby - Micro/Network Technician, (907)451-5004

Bobby is the division's resident personal computer medic. She has a knack for successfully diagnosing and treating a multitude of symptoms-from the "blue screen of death" to corrupt drivers to obscure settings in Windows and Outlook. She's charged with retiring equipment that can no longer keep up, and setting up all new computer hardware.

image ofMontayne, Simone
Montayne, Simone - Geologist, (907)451-5036

Simone is a geologist tasked with a variety of duties necessary to provide readily accessible geologic information to our audience and to ensure systematic stewardship of legacy data. Her work includes development and maintenance of our online publications library, organizing modern geospatial data for online distribution and compiling the requisite FGDC metadata files, and collecting and cataloging DGGS's continually growing inventory of unpublished historic geologic data.

image ofOutten, Joyce A.
Outten, Joyce A. - Natural Resource Tech, (907)451-5020

Joyce excels in innovative marketing and distribution of DGGS publications and helping customers-in person, on the phone, by mail, or by email. She maintains our library in tip-top shape and can find important but obscure publications that are no longer available. Joyce prepares and staffs DGGS displays at conferences and trade shows.

image ofRobinson, Joni M.
Robinson, Joni M. - Publications Specialist, (907)451-5017

Joni is tasked with publishing DGGS maps and reports as specified in AS 41.08.030: "Printing and Distribution of Reports. The state geologist shall print and publish an annual report and other special and topical reports and maps as may be desirable for the benefit of the State, including the printing or reprinting of reports and maps by other persons or agencies, where the authorization to do so is obtained." Joni creates the layout, tracks the publications through the process, coordinates between authors and outside reviewers, prepares publications for posting online, and distributes them to agencies, libraries, the Governor and legislative members, as needed. In FY2014, Joni helped publish more than 80 maps, data sets and reports.

image ofSeitz, Susan S.
Seitz, Susan S. - Analyst/Programmer, (907)451-5052

Database and application development

image ofWoods, Ken A.
Woods, Ken A. - Micro/Network Specialist, (907)451-5022

Ken is a systems administrator with a background in web hosting, large-scale storage systems, and data center administration.