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Sample Number 01RN438A
Project Salcha River-Pogo

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Reference Number A0127386
Reference Date 2001-11-27
Citation RDF 2002-3
Laboratory ALS Chemex
Description 130 rock samples were crushed so that at least 70 percent of the material passed through a -10 (2 mm) mesh screen. Representative aliquots of 200 grams and 30 grams each were taken using a stainless steel riffle splitter. These samples were then pulverized in a chrome steel ring mill so that 85 percent of the sample passed through a -200 (75 micron) mesh screen. 130 rock samples were analyzed for major and minor oxides using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy following a lithium metaborate fusion. 110 rock samples were analyzed for trace elements using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy on a pressed powder pellet. 7 samples were analyzed for iron oxide using titration.
Sample Type rock