Dataset Name

Whittier lidar

Bibliographic Reference

Hubbard, T.D., Wolken, G.J., Stevens, D.S.P., and Combellick, R.A., 2013, High-resolution lidar data for the Whittier area, Passage Canal, and Portage Lake, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Raw Data File 2013-3, 5 p.

Table of Contents

Layer Name: metadata
Layer Description: metadata files, read me files and reports

Layer Name: Hydro-flattened waterbody polygons
Layer Description: Vector data depicting water bodies

Supplemental Information

This metadata file was written to document and describe, as a whole, all the lidar data products generated for this project. It provides a brief overview to the data acquisition, processing, and quality control steps utilized by DGGS contractors and subcontractors. Watershed Sciences, Inc. has associated additional metadata (via ArcGIS) with many of the distribution files. The metadata fields populated by WSI are viewable via ArcCatalog and may include additional useful information that is specific to each individual file. However, WSI metadata has not been reviewed by DGGS/DOGAMI to ensure accuracy and completeness. We encourage users to review the delivery and quality control reports provided by Watershed Sciences, Inc. and DOGAMI for a comprehensive discussion of their processes. These reports can be found on the citation page for this publication. The DGGS metadata standard extends the FGDC standard to include elements that are required to facilitate our internal data management. These elements, referred to as "layers," group and describe files that have intrinsic logical or topological relationships. Attribute information for the layers (entity) is included in this metadata file under the "Entity_and_Attribute_Information" section. The layers are titled:
 >Point-cloud data - all returns - classified: Classified (ASPRS standard) lidar attributes for all returns
 >Point-cloud data - ground returns - classified: Classified (ASPRS standard) lidar attributes for ground returns
 >LAS index file: Vector data which serves as the index illustrating the spatial location of point cloud (LAS) bin delineation
 >Raster index: Vector data which displays the project boundary
 >Hydro-flattened waterbody polygons: Vector data depicting water bodies (includes lakes, canals and rivers)
 >Bare-earth digital terrain models: A model depicting the earth's surface with all vegetation and human-made structures removed
 >Highest-hit digital surface models: A model depicting the earth's surface with all vegetation and human-made structures included
 >Vegetation digital surface models: A model depicting the above-ground height of the vegetation
 >Lidar intensity images: A grayscale image, similar to an orthophoto, which displays 0-255 grayscale values according to the relative reflectivity (based on lidar return intensity) of objects on the ground
 >Hillshade images: A grayscale image model created from the bare-earth digital elevation models. It is meant to mimic the hypothetical illumination of the surface according to a specified azimuth and altitude for the sun


Metadata is the data about the data and answers "Who, what, when, where, how and why?" about the dataset. Please see the DGGS Metadata README page for information about our metadata.

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