Dataset Name

Iniskin Peninsula: MICP

Bibliographic Reference

Loveland, A.M., and PetroTech Associates, 2013, Mercury injection capillary pressure (MICP) results from outcrop samples in the Naknek Formation, Iniskin Peninsula, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Raw Data File 2013-6, 10 p.

Table of Contents

Layer Name: metadata
Layer Description: metadata files, read me files and reports

Layer Name: micp-data
Layer Description: data for individual samples
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW100-105b.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW100-51.6d.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW105b.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW106-1.3b.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW106-2.9b.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW106-4.0b.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW114b.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW114e.xls
/tables/rdf2013-6-micp-data/t 12MAW115b.xls

Layer Name: micp-summary
Layer Description: summary data

Layer Name: sample-location-details
Layer Description: sample reference numbers, latitude, longitude, and map unit

Supplemental Information

The DGGS metadata standard extends the FGDC standard to include elements that are required to facilitate our internal data management. These elements, referred to as "layers," group and describe files that have intrinsic logical or topological relationships. Attribute information for each layer is included in this metadata file under the "Entity_and_Attribute_Information" section. The metadata "layer" provides the metadata, codesets, or other documentation files applicable to all layers. The data layer(s) are titled:
 >sample-location-details: A CSV file with sample reference numbers, latitude, longitude, and map unit (formation).
 >micp-data: This folder contains Excel spreadsheets (one file for each individual sample; file names correspond to sample number preceded by a "t " ). The contents in each Excel file include worksheets with the following information: Sheet1 (data for individual sample), Chart1 (Bulk Volume), Chart2 (Pore Volume), Chart3 (Pore Aperture Size Distribution).
 >micp-summary: This folder includes Excel spreadsheets with summary data for the samples analyzed. The spreadsheets are: 1) rdf2013-6-naknek-pore-volume.xlsx - Pore volume plots and data. Note that the PetroTech cover letter refers to this file as Figure 1; 2) rdf2013-6-naknek-pore-size-distribution.xlsx - Pore aperture size distribution plots and data. Note that the PetroTech cover letter refers to composite plot as Figure 2 and the "thumbnail" plots as Figure 3;


Metadata is the data about the data and answers "Who, what, when, where, how and why?" about the dataset. Please see the DGGS Metadata README page for information about our metadata.

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