Dataset Name

Liberty Bell geophysical survey data compilation

Bibliographic Reference

Fugro Airborne Surveys, Stevens Exploration Management Corp., Burns, L.E., and Graham, G.R.C., 2018, Electromagnetic and magnetic airborne-geophysical survey of the Liberty Bell area, western Bonnifield mining district, Alaska (data compilation): Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Geophysical Report 2018-10, 12 p.

Table of Contents

Layer Name: metadata
Layer Description: metadata files, read me files and reports

Layer Name: maps_pdf_format
Layer Description: Print format maps in PDF format

Supplemental Information

 >ascii_data: ascii format final and raw data with readme files, ascii format gridded data, Geosoft format import template with extension .iO for final ascii data
 >databases_geosoft: Geosoft format database of final line data with readme files; note: these data are provided in both UTM NAD27 and geographic WGS84 projections.
 >documents: Field operations report, gridded data explanations, survey background information, processor notes.
 >grids_ermapper: Geographically registered gridded data, ER Mapper ERS format.
 >grids_geosoft: Geosoft-format binary grids, these grids can be viewed in ESRI ArcMap using a free plugin from Geosoft.
 >images_registered: GeoTiff format images of all gridded data.
 >kmz: Google Earth kmz files of all gridded data; note: these files use the WGS84 datum.
 >maps_pdf_format: Printable maps in pdf format.
 >maps_prn_format: Printable maps in HPGL/G printer file format with extension .prn.
 >profiles_stacked_pdf: Electromagnetic and magnetic data profiles with EM anomalies, files in PDF format
 >profiles_stacked_prn: Electromagnetic and magnetic data profiles with EM anomalies, files in PRN format
 >vector_data: Line path, data contours, and survey boundary in ESRI shape file (SHP) and Autocad (2000) DXF formats.


Metadata is the data about the data and answers "Who, what, when, where, how and why?" about the dataset. Please see the DGGS Metadata README page for information about our metadata.

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