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Northeastern Tanacross geodatabase

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Wypych, Alicja, Hubbard, T.D., Naibert, T.J., Athey, J.E., Newberry, R.J., Sicard, K.R., Twelker, Evan, Werdon, M.B., Willingham, A.L., Wyatt, W.C., and Lockett, A.C., 2019, Northeastern Tanacross geologic map, Tanacross D-1, D-2, C-1, and C-2 quadrangles, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Interpretive Report 2019-6, 20 p., 1 sheet, scale 1:63,360.

Table of Contents

Layer Name: metadata
Layer Description: metadata files, read me files and reports

Layer Name: geodatabase
Layer Description: Geodatabase and ArcMap files

Supplemental Information

This digital data distribution package provides a geodatabase that portrays features presented in PIR 2019-6. Field names and values generally follow the GeMS(Geologic Map Schema) a standard format for digital publication of geologic maps, V2 DRAFT 7 by the USGS National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP). This metadata file lists the table names and field names used in the geodatabase. Table and field names in the shapefiles are truncated at 10 characters. The geodatabase and selected shapefiles provide the following features:
 >Basemap: Geodatabase feature dataset that provides topographic contours, hydrology, and geographic place names.
 >CorrelationOfMapUnits: Geodatabase feature dataset(s) that depicts the map unit correlation chart; includes applicable unit designators, brackets, dividing lines, and text.
 >CrossSection: Geodatabase feature datasets of geologic cross-sections; includes applicable unit designators, brackets, dividing lines, and text.
 >CartographicLines: Cross-section transects.
 >ContactsAndFaults: Line features that depict faults and geologic contacts.
 >ContactsAndFaults_surficial: Line features that depict surficial geologic contacts.
 >DataSourcePolys: Polygons that delineate the data sources for various parts of the map.
 >DataSources: Non-spatial reference table that provides bibliographic references for the datasets or information used to generate or interpret geologic or geographic features.
 >DescriptionOfMapUnits: Non-spatial reference table that provides key information about each map unit. This table provides full unit descriptions. Additional information may be found in an accompanying report.
 >GenericPoints: A point file that provides locations and labels for key geologic features or observations.
 >GeochronPoints: Geochronology sample location points and symbology.
 >GeologicLines: Key linear features that do not participate in map-unit topology. Examples: dikes, coal seams, ash beds, glacial features, anticline and syncline hinge-surface traces, etc.
 >GeoMaterialDict: This table provides definitions and a hierarchy for GeoMaterial names prescribed by the GeMS database schema.
 >Glossary: Non-spatial reference table that, for certain database fields, lists the terms that populate these fields along with their definitions and sources for these definitions.
 >MapUnitPolys: Polygons that record the distribution of mapped or interpreted bedrock geologic units.
 >MapUnitPolys_surficial: Polygons that record the distribution of mapped or interpreted bedrock geologic units.
 >OrientationPoints: A point files that provide field station locations, symbology, and associated structure data (bedding attitudes, foliation attitudes, slip vectors measured at a point, etc.)
 >OverlayMapUnitPolys: Polygons that record the distribution of subsets of geologic units or features.
 >RepurposedSymbols: Non-spatial reference table that documents cases in which FGDC Standard symbols are supplemented with custom symbols or with FGDC symbols repurposed for the map.
 >Stations: Field observation locations and descriptions.


Metadata is the data about the data and answers "Who, what, when, where, how and why?" about the dataset. Please see the DGGS Metadata README page for information about our metadata.

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