Dataset Name

Ladue geophysical survey

Bibliographic Reference

Burns, L.E., Graham, G.R.C., Barefoot, J.D., Naibert, T.J., Fugro Airborne Surveys Corp., and Fugro GeoServices, Inc., 2020, Ladue electromagnetic and magnetic airborne geophysical survey data compilation: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Geophysical Report 2019-20, 15 p.

Table of Contents

Layer Name: metadata
Layer Description: metadata files, read me files and reports

Layer Name: documents
Layer Description: Project and field reports, survey background information, gridded data explanations, other supporting documentation

Supplemental Information

 >ascii_data: ASCII format line data, other ASCII data
 >databases_geosoft: Geosoft format database of line data, other Geosoft format databases
 >documents: Project and field reports, survey background information, gridded data explanations, other supporting documentation
 >grids_ermapper: Geographically registered gridded data, ER Mapper ERS format
 >grids_geosoft: Geosoft-format binary grids, these grids can be viewed in ESRI ArcMap using a free plugin from Geosoft or using the free viewer available from Geosoft
 >images_registered: GeoTiff format images of all gridded data
 >kmz: Keyhole markup language (kml) kmz archive files of project data. Viewable in Google Earth and other compatible programs
 >maps_pdf_format: Printable maps in pdf format
 >maps_prn_format: Printable maps in HPGL/2 printer file format with extension .prn
 >profiles_stacked: Distance-based profiles of the digitally recorded geophysical data are generated and plotted at an appropriate scale. The profiles display electromagnetic anomalies with their respective interpretive symbols
 >vector_data: Line path, data contours, and survey boundary in ESRI shapefile (SHP) format, ESRI Geodatabase format, and/or AutoCAD dxf format
 >video_flightpath: Survey flight path downward-facing video


Metadata is the data about the data and answers "Who, what, when, where, how and why?" about the dataset. Please see the DGGS Metadata README page for information about our metadata.

Use Constraints

This dataset includes results of numerical modeling of earthquake-generated tsunami waves for a specific community. Modeling was completed using the best information and tsunami modeling software available at the time of analysis. They are numerical solutions and, while they are believed to be accurate, their ultimate accuracy during an actual tsunami will depend on the specifics of earth deformations, on-land construction, tide level, and other parameters at the time of the tsunami. Actual areas of inundation may differ from areas shown in this dataset. Landslide tsunami sources may not be included in the modeling due to unknown potential impact of such events on a given community; please refer to accompanying report for more information on tsunami sources used for this study. The limits of inundation shown should only be used as a general guideline for emergency planning and response action in the event of a major tsunamigenic earthquake. These results are not intended for any other use, including land-use regulation or actuarial purposes. Any hard copies or published datasets utilizing these datasets shall clearly indicate their source. If the user has modified the data in any way, the user is obligated to describe the types of modifications the user has made. The user specifically agrees not to misrepresent these datasets, nor to imply that changes made by the user were approved by the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys. The State of Alaska makes no express or implied warranties (including warranties for merchantability and fitness) with respect to the character, functions, or capabilities of the electronic data or products or their appropriateness for any user's purposes. In no event will the State of Alaska be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential, or other damages suffered by the user or any other person or entity whether from the use of the electronic services or products or any failure thereof or otherwise. In no event will the State of Alaska's liability to the Requestor or anyone else exceed the fee paid for the electronic service or product.

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