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Cook Inlet: Measured sections

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LePain, D.L., Wartes, M.A., McCarthy, P.J., Stanley, R.G., Silliphant, L.J., Peterson, Shaun, Shellenbaum, D.P., Helmold, K.P., Decker, P.L., Mongrain, J.R., and Gillis, R.J., 2009, Facies associations, sand body geometry, and depositional systems in Late Oligocene-Pliocene Strata, southern Kenai Peninsula, Cook Inlet, Alaska: Report on progress during the 2006-07 field season, in LePain, D.L., ed., Preliminary results of recent geologic investigations in the Homer-Kachemak Bay area, Cook Inlet basin: Progress during the 2006-2007 field season: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Interpretive Report 2009-8A, p. 1-97.

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Layer Name: metadata
Layer Description: metadata, codesets, files not associated with a specific layer or applicable to all layers

Layer Name: Table A1
Layer Description: describes locations of measured sections

Supplemental Information

The data are available in tabular format as comma delimited ASCII files organized into one entity as described in this metadata file under the "Entity_and_Attribute_Information" section. The table is as follows:
 >Table A1: describes locations of measured sections


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