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Note 1/19/2021

Please see all of the meeting recordings and files at Resources. There are not specific meeting notes for many recent meetings that have been recorded.

November 8, 2021

Discussion notes compiled by Trish Ekberg. Topic included Map Unit Abbreviations for Stratigraphic Age. Notes:

March 8, 2021

Notes from discussion. Topics included usage of terms surficial, bedrock, and basement in mapping; using GeMS for things other than geologic maps; Level 2 GeMS compliance; and others. This meeting was not recorded. Notes:

January 11, 2021

Notes include answers to questions about using basemaps in GeMS map packages and a round-robin discussion of what states are currently using for basemaps. Notes:

May 11, 2020

Don Sweetkind, USGS presented 3D issues related to the new NGMDB Phase 3 initiative, such as efforts to inventory 3D geologic models within the USGS and efforts to create National-scale (contiguous US) subsurface horizons, as well as some of his work as examples. Recording: Attendees: 36 people from about 13 states/agencies.

April 13, 2020

CDEFG Session 1 about 3D mapping and databases. Mark Yacucci from the Illinois State Geological Survey demo'd one of their 3D models and how they morph it to their online cross section viewer; Mike Hendricks discussed how the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys has added layer information to the GeMS schema for geologic polygons, and potentially for faults and contacts, to model stacked units. Recording: presentations_by_Illinois_and_Alaska-20200413_1807-1.mp4

March 9, 2020

Dave Soller described the new push for the National Geologic Map Database's Phase 3 and possible funding opportunities to help the effort. Please contact Dave at if you have ideas about how your state could contribute. Recording:’s_Phase_Three_and_related_upcoming_opportunities-20200309_1809-1.mp4

February 10, 2020

At this meeting, DGGS gave a brief update presentation of recent GeMS database work, and we discussed a few tools for diagramming geodatabases in Esri products. We also went “round robin” around the various attendees and folks described where they are in GeMS implementation, current projects, and related needs and concerns. Recording:

January 13, 2020

Folks implementing GeMS posed questions about the best way to create a Glossary with minimal effort. Some states are interested in creating a Glossary resource that we can all pull from. Jen Athey volunteered to compile GeMS Glossaries and make the definitions available. Please feel free to send what you have so far to to be added to this resource. Recording:

December 9, 2019

Discussion topic was where to put different kinds of geologic information in GeMS. We really just scratched the surface of this topic. Trish Ekberg from Alaska DGGS gave a presentation on how DGGS has tweaked the schema, which we feel still honors the ideals of data organization in GeMS. Then we walked through some examples of where to put different kinds of data in the schema. There was a fair amount of consensus. Recording:

November 12, 2019

GeMS stakeholders would like to see an increase in communication in the geologic community to help with issues and questions as GeMS gets implemented. Since this meeting, some new tools were implemented. Following is from an email to the DMT listserv from Evan Thoms, USGS:

For those working with GeMS data in ArcGIS, I wanted to make sure you all knew that there are now two versions, one for ArcMap and one for ArcGIS Pro. They are available from GitHub:

The two versions have been developed separately because ArcMap uses Python 2.7.x and ArcGIS Pro uses Python 3.x and there are syntax and arcpy differences between the two. For instance, note that with ArcGIS Pro, ESRI has not (yet!) ported over the entire Metadata toolset of geoprocessing tools. If you want to use the Purge Metadata or FGDC CSDGM2 Metadata tools from the GeMS toolbox, you will have to do that in ArcMap.

As before, downloading the tools does not require a GitHub account, but if you want to create an issue there to report a bug or request an enhancement or new feature, you will have to log in.

Now linked from both repositories (look for the badge that says 'chat on gitter' below the title in the readme section) is a newly created Gitter room at Gitter is a free and open-source chat platform for developers and users of GitHub and GitLab repositories. Go there for non-code specific questions about the use of tools in either toolbox as well as questions about working with the GeMS schema in general. Feel free to post news about workflow documentation, the publication of GeMS databases, or other resources that your group has available if you think they could be useful to the community. Log in to Gitter using a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account.

Finally, as always, you are invited to collaborate on the development of the tools. See the suggestions in the readme section of either repository.

Thank you! Evan

October 7, 2019

AK DGGS presented an overview of work to date on the enterprise multi-map database and system. Recording:

September 3, 2019

Joe Colgan, USGS and team members presented their FEDMAP project and geologic map database, “Geologic Framework of the Intermountain West.” Recording:

August 12, 2019

AK DGGS staff presented a project update and future work.

May 13, 2019

Jen Athey, AK DGGS presented a preview of her 2019 Digital Mapping Techniques talk and showed a demo of DGGS' multi-map database implementation. Mike Hendricks previewed his presentation on incorporating geologic layers in GeMS. More information

March 11, 2019

AK DGGS presentation included general CDEFG project update, topological lessons learned, and information on geological surfaces (surficial, bedrock, basement, other), responses from geological surveys about how they handle bedrock and surficial units on maps, possible database solutions, and tweaks to the draft database model. Minutes and files

February 11, 2019

Meeting included presentation by Esri on Data Reviewer and a presentation by Jen Athey, AK DGGS on bedrock and surficial map data in a multi-map database. Recording: More information

January 14, 2019

Meeting about the multi-map database GeMS feature classes and attributes to discuss potential adds/deletes to the schema. Feedback during the meeting was collected in this document. More information